Charminly : the real competitive advantage of agritourism

Charminly commits everyday to carefully select all the charming accommodations that it offers its customers. In every region of ItalyCharminlyhaschosenmany different accommodation structures with a fundamental point of common: the attention to detail that becomes care and love for the guest.

AmongCharminly’slodgingsthere are the agritourisms. Among the things that like this type of accommodation there is obviously the focus on 100% organic food that can be consumed in these places.
Eating in farm holidays is in fact a unique experience. Catering in farm holidays is very varied as it changes according to the places, the seasons and also the formula offered. Some companies choose to offer their guests basic menu with a limited choice of dishes, while others develop articulated menus with a wide choice and special offers (for children or for special diets).
The real competitive advantage of agritourism, verydifficult to obtain in other forms of catering, is to be able to process freshly harvested products, just as well as raw materials of their own production controlled at every stage of the process. This results in tastes and flavors that can’t be imitated, widely recognized by guests.
It is well-known that Italy has the widest range of typical foods in the world: in addition to the highest presence of quality products recognized by the European brand DOP and IGP (today 248 of cheeses, salami, fruit and vegetables, breads and bakery products And other processed products), 448 wines of origin and several thousands of traditional agri-foodproducts, and itisprecisely in agritourismthatthesespecialties find their place of production and consumption.
Many guests so choose to go to one of the manyagritourismsselected by Charminly in their highlights of the year, such as the grape, the olive harvest and pressing, the harvest or collections of fruit or vegetable. Others demand that they can harvest the produce of the orchard and orchard with their hands, or bring home the ingredients to prepare the recipes they have tasted.