5 Things You Should Not Miss While Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. If you are worrying about the things you want to see and do, keep in mind that no matter the weather, you can find numerous things to enjoy. Choose some low cost direct flights to Amsterdam and plan your whole trip ahead. You will be amazed by the scenery and all the attractions you can visit during your stay there.

You can also check the I Amsterdam city card that offers you free entry to many interesting museums and city attractions. In addition, with this pass, you will have free public transport for as long as you are planning on staying.

  1. Jordan Neighbourhood

This is the most charming street in all over the city. This area is filled with history and antiquities that will travel you back in time. Art galleries, antiques shops, and beautiful gardens really make this street one of the most popular areas to walk around and enjoy yourself. Wander around its magnificent streets and engage into some tourist shopping. If the weather is sunny, you will enjoy this walk a lot more!

  1. North Amsterdam

Many visitors totally forget this city part that is equally beautiful and interesting. You found some cheap flights and now it is time to find some cheap ferry tickets as well. In just a short distance you will discover the northern banks of the city, where hundreds of locals and tourists spend a day relaxing by the shore or visiting some of the most vibrant local restaurants and cafes.

  1. Anne Frank’s House

Pay a visit into a dark moment in history, and find yourself into the Prinsengracht house. This is the place where Anne Frank hid along with her family during World War II. You better arrange this visit early in the morning in order to avoid long queues and additional waiting.

  1. Windmills

In all Amsterdam, you can find 8 windmills, but the most interesting one is the OostelijkeEilanden. Here, you will find a very beautiful microbrewery with an artistic outdoor terrace, where you can relax and enjoy your beer. Choose among the wide selection of seasonal ales and find the one best suited to your tasting preferences.

  1. Tulips

It may sound cheesy, however, tulips are one of the most famous aspects of Dutch culture. Therefore, visit the Bloemenmarkt, an amazing floating flower market with hundreds of different kinds of tulips and bulbs to choose from. Especially if you are visiting during spring, you can walk pass the Bollenstreek fields and admire the colourful stripes of tulips.

There are so many cheap Amsterdam flights it is strange that you have not visited yet. Take a few days off to enjoy this amazing city and make sure you find the best flight deals to Amsterdam so that you do not spend much of your budget into the flights. Use these money to enjoy some local art and food, and bring home some beautiful tulip bulbs that will always remind you your trip.